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Women in Fund Finance Event

WFF Europe: Back to School - Offshore Structures and Fund Financing ‘101’

September 21, 2022
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM BST
Women in Fund Finance is pleased to bring you an informative panel discussion on local counsel’s perspectives from outside the City.

Our panel will discuss everything you need to know if you have Cayman, Guernsey, Ireland, Jersey and Luxembourg funds in your structure, including common issues and queries around security, due diligence and structuring.


Keppe, Julia (Walkers)
Julia Keppe

Walkers (Jersey) LLP

Ormond, Patrick (Walkers)
Patrick Ormond

Walkers (London)

Traynor, Andrew (Walkers)
Andrew Traynor

Walkers Ireland LLP

Wickens, Alex (Walkers)
Alex Wickens

Walkers (Guernsey) LLP

Wang, Miao (Allen & Overy LLP)
Miao Wang

Allen & Overy LLP

Downey, Kate (Fried Frank)
Kate Downey

Fried Frank


Allen & Overy LLP

One Bishops Square
London, E1 6AD